District Fundraising Initiative (DFI)
The District Fundraising Initiative, or DFI, are three causes that the clubs within the California-Nevada-Hawaii (CNH) district supports through fundraising.
Pediatric Trauma Program
The Pediatric Trauma Program focuses on reducing the number of children who suffer or are killed by pediatric trauma through educating the community, providing advanced pediatric training, and purchasing specialized medical equipment.
Kiwanis Family House
The Kiwanis Family House serves to provide temporary housing for families of sick or injured children and adults at the University of California, Davis Medical Center in Sacramento.
NAACP Legal and Educational Defense Fund
The NAACP Legal and Educational Defense Fund fights to obtain racial justice and seeks structural changes to eliminate disparities through litigation, advocacy, and public education.
Environmental Defense Fund
The Environmental Defense Fund seeks to find practical and lasting solutions to serious environmental problems and preserve the natural systems of the Earth.
District Service Initiative (DSI)
Every year, CNH Circle K chooses an initiative to focus in on for service during the year’s term. The proposed and approved initiative is the District Service Initiative, or DSI. Clubs from the district work together through various service events targeted toward the year’s initiative.

CNH Circle K’s DSI for the 2020-21 term is Serving Our Environment. Although climate change is widely recognized as an issue that needs to be addressed, we can do so much more to mitigate its effects, either through individual changes in habit or through group efforts like cleaning up our parks. With every year that passes, the urgency to adopt more environmentally friendly practices grows. As the health of ourenvironment is something that affects all of us, this year's DSI aims to spread awareness to our community about how we can do our parts to slow climate change, in order to work toward a more sustainable culture.