— Service Committee —
Weekly Meetings on:
Sabreen Yaqubi
Service Chair
Hello! Thank you for your interest in service at Berkeley's CKI, which is a part of Circle K International: The World’s Largest Student-Led Collegiate Service Organization. The service committee is responsible for coordinating service events with local organizations. This includes reaching out to local groups to reserve spots for Circle K members, creating itineraries and coordinating transportation for events, and maintaining good relationships with these organizations so as to be able to work with them in the future (continuous service). At the service committee meetings, we do many things: tabletop service projects, finding local organizations and events, and planning event logistics. By working with the service committee, you will not only be giving back to the community in which you are now a part of, you will also develop leadership and communication skills that will greatly benefit you now and in the future. I hope to see you at our service committee meetings!
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