— Spirit & Social Committee —
Weekly Meetings on:
Cindy Nguyen
Spirit & Social Chair
The Spirit and Social Committee guarantees you with fun during your journey in Circle K, primarily focusing on fellowship, one of the three tenets of Circle K International. This committee welcomes anyone interested in contributing to making our fellowship events happen. From brainstorming, planning, discussing, and executing socials, our goal is to contribute to the enjoyable, fun-filled, and heartwarming Circle K experience throughout the year. Together, we collaborate to implement refreshing and innovative ideas that allow members of UC Berkeley Circle K to grow closer as friends and family. We will be able to create memories and bonds that can last a lifetime with your participation. From developing new cheers, creating spirit items, and arduously planning for skits to organizing and chairing intimate, small-scale, and festive, large-scale socials for all to enjoy, this committee revolves around bringing warm smiles and gleaming eyes to our members within UC Berkeley Circle K.